Power Outage

On the 17th of September, Dunwood Polymer Services was affected by a power cut when Northern Powergrid shut of power to our local area. This impacted on both our warehouse and our offices, effectively closing us down for the day.

During this period our standard telephone number (01423 358106) was unavailable and even though our 0800 telephone number remained in operation we appreciate that many of you would not have realised this or even known the number, and for that we apologise.

Our free phone number (0800 7076542) can easily and quickly be diverted to a new location enabling us to keep it operational under almost all circumstances however our standard, 01423 number is ISDN and as such not so easy to divert.

Allow us to assure you that everything is back to normal, power is restored and it is business as usual at Dunwood Polymer Services.

New Telephone Number

In an effort to improve our service to our customers we have today implemented a new free telephone number of 0800 7076542. Please start using this number from today when making contact with us as our old number will stop working shortly, so update your phone books now.