Emupol Range

Dunwood are pleased to announce the launch of 3 product groups under the Emupol brand.

  • Emupol V – Vinylics
  • Emupol A – Acrylics
  • Emupol S – SBR’s

We have developed a nomenclature that will help with product selection, an example of which is:
Emupol V 531429

  • V denotes it is a vinylic, in actual fact it is a Va VeoVa
  • The first 2 digits denote its solids content is 53%
  • The third and fourth digits denote its minimum film forming temperature (MFFT °C) is 14°C
  • Finally, digits five and six denote its mid-point glass transition temperature (Tg °C) is 29°C

Emupol V 531429 is a perfect slot-in for Emultex VV673 or indeed Vinamul 6975.

The nomenclature provides a starting point for comparison which will be supplemented with more fundamentals such as:

  • Viscosity
  • pH
  • particle size
  • chemistry

We are busy populating the data on our website and constructing a product selector based on fundamental properties.